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Last September I got lucky and scored tickets to go watch a taping of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  It was even cooler than I expected it to be.  We weren't allowed take take photos inside the theater but I can tell you that it is beautiful.  Colbert was even funnier in person and came out and hung out with the audience before the actually taping began.  Jon Batiste and Stay Human were incredible.  Even more lucky than scoring the tickets was finding out a few days beforehand that the guest that day was the first lady herself, Michelle Obama....who is even more beautiful and amazing in person.  The whole experience was just amazing....even being searched by the secret service and having them not find any of my jokes amusing. :)

I went up to NYC with my brother and Sister In Law and we made a tiny 2 day vacation out of it.  The night after the taping we went out to a comedy club and got to see Janeane Garafolo perform. The next day we made our way to Ground Zero and explored the new World Trade Center and memorial.  These are some photos from there.  It is an insanely intense experience.  


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