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Sabrina and David- Cabin Wedding

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I had never met Sabrina and David before their wedding.  They found me through the internet and in their inquiry email mentioned that they were going to have a very unique wedding with quirky details complete with a zombie wedding cake. I was a bit sold immediately.  Their wedding was in the middle of Prince William Forest Park in Northern Virginia and was everything you would expect a woods wedding to be.  Everything was green....the little bit of light that came in the windows was even green from the trees.  There were bugs and animals and even snakes.  I even came home with my first two ticks ever.  Eek!  But yeah, I loved all of their super nerdy details ....I love love love super personalized weddings.  Check it out!

Congrats again Sabrina and David!!

I walked outside and saw this snake on the rail and immediately jumped.  It wasn't moving and I laughed.  I walked inside and said to Sabrina, "man, you really got me with that fake snake."  She of course had no idea what I was talking about and we all walked outside to find my "fake snake" alive and moving.  This was as close as I was getting....I do not handle snakes very well. 

The bride and groom asked their guests to rock white string in support of marriage equality.

Delivering of the grooms gift!

And delivery of the bride's gift!

One of the bridesmaids recorded the delivery of the grooms gift so Sabrina could instantly watch it!

Best wedding shoes ever!

Is that a lightsaber inside??

That dress was perfect for her amazing tattoo.

I love this!

Dinner was a taco bar!

I took the bridesmaids out for a little fun!

and the bridesman!

Portrait dance party!


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